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Posted in: Neck pain.

Can no longer lift left arm from C5-C7 herniations. What does this mean?

Started by Blue Herron on 03/15/2015 12:53pm

I'm in extreme pain from my neck to my shoulder, left arm, arm pit, forearm,and hand is completely numb. It is starting to go down the right side. I have had a lot of PT, pain meds, nothing is helping and keeps getting worse. I'm supposed to be going in for a Steroid shot in my C6-C7 this week. I can not even move, laying still is the only thing that gives me a but of relief. I'm at a loss. Should I call my Ortho Dr. back to tell him that I can no longer move my arm? Could the herniations have gotten worse? Thank you for any help.

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i have the same problem with my left hand it was right side before and now move to left side . i done a lots procedure like sterpod shot , and epidial and faicet injection it helped before so may be can help you and acupuncture helpfull . Now i am lookinf in accuscope procedure but not much info .


In 2007 had a fusion in my neck C4,C5,C6 with C5 being a burst fracture, arthritis and loss of movement in my neck. Last year a person ran a stop sign, and slammed me airbags went off and i got released from hospital the docs seemed to check just to make sure fusion was still aligned. so i started getting stiff neck pain like i slept wrong but then pain started to go down my arm into my hands, then hands tingling so went and got a MRI and found out i herniated C3 and C7 then went for my shoulder and found out i had 2 tears in my RTC.. So i just wanted to let you know if that gives any light that think about getting a MRI on your shoulder, i am going for therapy and also might have to get Epidural shots in neck.. Hope everything works out for you..


See your Ortho or a Neurosurgeon right away!!! Delay can mean damage that is permanent!