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Posted in: Neck pain, and Spinal stenosis.

what are the chances of getting paralized ?

Started by rosey on 09/16/2014 7:02am

have failed back surgery
now the doctors don't like the way I walk
suggested another mri of neck
now he s saying I that I need another fusion to prevent progressive paralysise
I only have a tingleing on my left fingers, do you guys think that im really doung to become parailized?
very little neck pain

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I tell you I spent 8 years in pain management I have had multiple surgeries I had the same concerns you did pain management did not even really touche the pain but it ddistanced it it also distanced me from my life I realize I was progressively getting worse they were only treating the pain and nnot the problem I never found a surgeon in South Carolina told me I want to do this surgery but you don't really need it I really felt like I needed the surgery long before they did it and I would tell you if I can get those 8yrs. I'd do it again I've had C-SPINE surgery L-SPINE surgery - 2 times a spinal cord stimulator it was great but I got MRSA I would tell you before the fusion I would do Laminectomy or cervical discectomy less invasive three days after mine lumbar spine surgery I am pain free out of pain management and I'll absolutely do the surgery again find the best neurosurgeon(if he's arrogant) that only means he's confident/ he told me my chances of being paralyzed in the operating room are less than being paralyzed if I were sitting at a red light and got bumped or if I were pumping gas and someone hit me they have so many ways to do the treatment now get your MRI sent off to as many laser Spine IInstitutea as possible get multiple opinions and then make your decision I would do the surgery a thousand times over the medicine will destroy your body and it doesn't help anything feel free to contact me GOD BLESSED YOU AND GOOD LUCK! KAREN


I had a epidural in the neck using the Depo-Medrol steriod. I was paralized about 30 minutes after injection. And was parilized from the neck down for over an hour. I have develope fibermyolga, more pain in the neck and shoulders. My productive time in the day is 2-4 hours. I FOIA the FDA and was sent 17 pages of advers side effects REPORTED over a five year period. 30 DEATHS AT LEAST 694 cases 2,248 Events 30 DEATHS The number of TOTAL DEATHS is usually greater than the number of coded events of"death" YOU can report it your self on the FDA Web site and request a Freedom of Information FOIA YOU need to know the drugs name its free for a short version 60+ dollors for a total review the person to talk to is Andrea Dyson Regtulatory Counsel or the women that hands FOIA on drugs.