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Adverse effects from the use of BMP for Cervical fusion 2008

Started by 646572218@facebook on 03/06/2014 8:37pm

I am suffering from severe pain and adverse effects from the use of BMP during a redo cervical fusion. I have done hours of research and I need help from others suffering from adverse effects from the use of BMP. I recently was told I have a mass located at L4. I have also noticed blisters that randomly appear on my arms, legs and now my face. I do believe that I am suffering from a toxic reaction. I did have severe swelling for about 2 weeks after my surgery and I thought I might choke to death alone for a few days. Not long after I fought for a new MRI and this showed a lesion at C7. In march of 2010 I had to under go a spinal cord untethering. I was losing the use of my entire left side. The untethering kept me out of a wheel chair, but I have not been able to recover and I have no quality of life. In addition I have been suffering from severe lumbar pain which has gone untreated for many years due to all the neck issues. 4 years ago I finally started treatment on my lumbar and when surgery was requested the insures stopped covering it and as a direct result my lumbar is way worse. The nerves have coupled together, I have a sac tear and 2 sections were the nerves are pinched and of coarse the ole bulging discs. This is a work comp case and they are trying to force me out by settlement. They recently said they now accept my lumbar but are refusing treatment. They told my Attorney that they will allow for the cost of surgery in a MSA. bla bla bla. I must find help with proof from what the BMP it's self has caused. Anyone out there who can shed some light in my darkness will greatly be appreciated. Thanks for reading. I have way more to share but this is a good start for now.

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