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Posted in: Neck pain.

radio frequency

Started by brighteyes on 09/07/2013 12:26pm

I have a question back june 19 2013 I had what is called radio frequency done on my right side of my neck on c2 and c3 and on july 3rd 2013 the left side was done few weeks into haven it done on my right side was great no problems then on july 3 when the left side done two weeks into it I was haven pain in my chest like heart burn went to the doctor for it which I didn't have then the pain moved under my left boob and moved to my arm pit then my lower back I have never had pain like this ever im a 43 year old woman aand im in pretty good shape then the pain decided to go down the back of my neck into my spin so I decided to look up what radio frequency was and it did say it could cause all these side effects I was so upset the doctor didn't tell me this so I went saw the doctor told her I think my nerves are pissed off from being burned and its send mix signals threw my body. she tells me has nothing to do with it because the area you had it done it be different if it was the top of your head then yes so I left and I delt with the pain for a long time then a few weeks later the top of my head felt like something was craweling on it and my eye lid and eye brow started twitching so went bk and told her she gives me a drug called gabapentin 100 mg I started taken it and it worked I started feeling great so then I stopped taken it cause I had no more pain.then a couple days ago I got a sharp pain in my back so I took a gabapentin and my the bk of my neck was hurting so I put my stimulator on my neck on each side on the bk by your brain stem seemed to help.was getting rdy for bed I took my bata blocker which is for the fluttering of my heart and about 4 am I went to roll over on my side and got really dizzy the room was spinning I could understand why I was feeling this way laid in bed all day cause inway I would move I get dizzy and when I would rub the bk of my neck were I had the radio frequency done I would start spinning so what I was wondering was now is the nerves messing with something in my neck in the area causeing my dizzieness or putting the stimulater on it please help me I just don't know anymore im gona lose my job because of missing work cant drive to dizzy please help me how long does it take for theses nerves to die its been two month on sept 3 for me thank you for listening

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