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Posted in: Neck pain.

Neck Pain

Started by 1400411076@facebook on 04/29/2012 9:49am

For more than a week I've been having crippling neck pain, tingling in my neck, shoulders, hands and fingers with wrist pain. I had cervical spine xrays on Friday, so I won't know the results until probably Tuesday. Yesterday I had shooting pain going into my shoulders and I was so dizzy. Today I feel slightly better. Can a maybe serious neck problem go away so suddenly? Also, my reflexes in my knees are hyperactive, and my left foot has no reaction on the sole, buy my right foot has a serious reaction and my toes go upward. I do have many issues with my lower back, but I'm really concerned about my neck because my migraines and headaches are getting much worse.

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My doctor just called with my xray results. I have degenerative disc disease at T6 T7 and need a cervical MRI. I now have persistent pain in my upper left arm. Has anyone had anything similar?
Now today, I called doctor because I was so dizzy at work all day and when I turned my neck it got worse and I swayed a few times. He said I should go to an ENT. I'm not too happy about that. When I got home I found many sites online that explained dizziness with Cervcal issues. He also said my health insurance denied another MRI. He said it's because I had one for my Lumbar and another for my Thorasic. He also said I have Cervical Stenosis read on the xray and my DDD is multi level but pretty bad a T6 and T7. My thumbs hurt so bad, too.