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Started by WKnaupp on 01/11/2012 11:31pm

So, back in May or June of 2010 I had a MRI of my cervical spine done. I got my results and later on met with a surgeon and we discussed ACDF. At that point his office put in for a request to my insurance for the surgery and it was of coursed denied. So last week I met with a new orthopedist and he requested me to get a new MRI study done. He had me go back to the same company but to a different location so that I would go to the same person who read my first MRI. The doctor said that it's best to go to the same person so that he reads it the same way. To me that seems shady, but I'm not sure. Any opinions or advice? I went today and got the MRI done.. Now I just have to wait and see what the new surgeon says,

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