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Posted in: Neck pain, and Whiplash.

Neck pain and pins and needles down right arm?

Started by 714049696@facebook on 11/28/2011 4:09pm

Hey guys... I'm new here, and have a few questions.

I was involved in a car accident about 3 weeks ago while I was at work. First off, I wish to god it didn't happen on the job because I no realize that Workers Compensation is the black plague.. at least in my opinion. I have to wait DAYS to get responses/appointments where it would have only taken me a day if I was using my own health insurance.

I was sitting at a red light, and was struck from behind by another vehicle. The vehicle was traveling between 20-30 mph. Needless to say -- I said a few four letter words right away because it scared the crap out of me.

About four hours later I started to notice significant pain in my neck, lower part of my head... and a headache.. from HELL!

Here I am, 3 weeks later and still experiencing persistent pain... not excruciating -- but persistent in my neck and shoulder blade area. Periodically I also feel pins and needles down my right arm and get a really bad headaches right at the base of my skull . I truly expected this to only last a few days and boom.. be fine. This is just ridiculous.

After I noticed the pins and needles I went back to the original doctor and they ordered an MRI. The MRI came back, and he referred me to a spine/ortho doctor. Needless to say.. I have no idea what any of this means so I'm hoping some of you can shed some light. The doctor I was seeing prior to the referral is from an urgent care/walk in clinic... and didnt seem very informative or outgoing

The MRI report shows:

C2-C3, C3-C4, C4-C5, C5-C6 no disc herniation. there is no spinal or foraminal stenosis. --- I gather... that's GOOD.

The report also indicates:

C6-C7 Small left paramedian disc protrusion indenting the ventral subarachnoid space. No mass effect on the spinal cord or foraminal encroachment.

T2-T3 Small right paracentral disc protrusion flattening the right ventral spinal cord. It is only included on the sagittal images. No foraminal encroachment..


C6-C7 Small left paramedian disc protrusion measuring 2mm in AP diameter there.

T2-T3 Small right paracentral disc protrusion in flattening the right ventral spinal cord.


That's the part that confuses me... as I am not a doctor. I really just want this nagging ache/pain to go away along with the headaches, and periodic pins and needles. There have been a few nights that it has kept me awake.....Its driving me up the wall.

I don't see the spine/ortho doc until next week.

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wait to see your doctors.
may be a good idea to see a pain clinic for meds to help with the nerves that are causeing you pain.
your surgan may also put you on those meds.
sounds like you have a big problem that it happened on the job.
you may want to seek legal help because your going to have to fight to pay the medical bills.
workmens comp will do all they can to push it on you.
see your doctors first and ask as many questions as you can.
i hope the best for you.