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Posted in: Chiropractic, Neck pain, and Whiplash.

Neck out of alignment...how long will this take?!

Started by ndharmon on 11/21/2011 10:59pm

Around 6 months ago (May 2011) I suffered a really hard fall to my left side. Although my left shoulder was very sore for the next few days, I didn't have any neck trouble. A few months later while I was in Africa, I started to notice some weird symptoms in my right arm and hand....weakness and cramping of my index finger. When I got back to the States, I started to have more problems. More cramping, some tingling/burning going down into my arm and into my first three fingers, stiffness in the fingers, as well as pretty bad neck pain on the right side and some popping and cracking in my neck. After doing some research, I came to the conclusion that I had some sort of neck injury and went to the chiropractor. At the chiropractor, X-rays were taken and sure enough, my spine had been knocked out of alignment because of the fall. Right after the first adjustment, I immediately had more strength in my hand, less cramping, less tingling and burning, and overall I felt so much better. I've been in treatment now for around two months, and everything was going fine. My chiropractor was cutting down the number of visits each week, virtually no neck pain, and my hand and arm were feeling completely normal.
Everything was going according to plan....until I somehow exacerbated my injury. For some reason (I think it was twisting my neck in a weird position to look under a car), I threw things out in my neck again. I started to have more problems in my hand again (although not any cramping) because the vertebrae are putting pressure on the nerve again. But this time, I've noticed that my thoracic region has been giving me a lot of problems, as well as my lower back, although not really bad. I was told that because I re-injured myself, the body's natural thing to do is to create a hunch in order to protect the spine. This could explain the problems with the thoracic region. Also, I've noticed some strange tingling in my mid back when I have poor posture. As soon as I correct it though and sit up, it goes away. I've seen the chiropractor four times in the last 8 days. Things seem to be improving, but it is slow going.
I was wondering if anyone has gone or is going through the same kind of injury and could give me some information on things....how long this will take to get back on the track of healing....what the tingling could be....etc. Thank you!

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I think your right you re injured the area. Chrio are good. When you are having tingling its time to see a nero dr. The tingling has to do with your nerves. The healing will take as long as you allow it it. The nero may send you to a Physical Therapy and or a neck collar. They have to look at all the tests and determine a plan that is best for you.

Your problem might be very serious that if not treated correctly it will not heal right or badly and won't be able to be fix.

Please let us know what happens..