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Moderate compression on spinal cord fusion surgery c5-7

Started by SuperSCImum on 05/22/2011 3:14pm

I am 1 yr post accident and 7 months post ACDF surgery with titanium plate and two screws in c7,c6and c5. I have been begging primary doctor to order xray. His substitute DRs and he did nothing. I ended up in ER with hands paralyzed. I could not squeeze DRs hands with mine,
I got copy of xray that my new pcp did not have on her computer. It shows that the c5 vertebra is pushing up into the c4/5 disc I am getting the reports on Tuesday. To figure out what radiologists says

I have been good no lifting no running. I do remember I turned my head just a tad roo far on feb 21, I got a headache and this headache has not gone away.since then some send electric shock up my neck other are shar to the point of crying.

What would be the treatment with the c5 vertebra pushing into c4-5 disc how urgent is this?
Help please

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