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Posted in: Neck pain, and Surgery.

Please give cervical spine surgery information

Started by karennp on 04/30/2011 10:28am

I may need cervical spine surgery in the future. I have some questions that may be dumb or not.
Do they shave your head? If not, how much hair do they cut off?
How long is the recovery?
How much help do you need after surgery getting in and out of bed and when do you start physical therapy?
Can you do things like swim or go dancing after recovery?
What's the physical therapy like?

Thanks for helping me, you know how stressful this type of surgery is. Thank you all.

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Also how long was your hospital stay? Does it depend on how far you live from the hospital? Thanks again.


Hi Karennp,
Answers to your questions all depend on what type of cervical spine surgery you are going to have done... (oh, in my book, their is no question(s) that is "dumb". the stupidest question their is, is the one that's never asked)...

The one question I can clear up for you is no, they don't shave your head. The two most popular entry sites for cervical spine surgery is either anterior (the front of your neck), or posterior (the back of your neck). Once again, they make their choice on which way to enter, depending on the type of procedure you are having done.

If you can post more information here like if you suffered an injury to your cervical spine, if not an injury the name of the condition or disorder you have, the type of surgery your possibly looking on having done. With those details, I can come up with some answers for you.

Hope to hear from you soon...



I haven't had anything diagnosed yet but I think I might ahve a stress fracture from sitting at a computer for 20 years typing. I've heard about stress fractures. I plan on making an appointment soon and when I find out more, I'll let you know. Thanks so much for responding, your response was very helpful. I'm getting my hair cut today cuz it's past my shoulders and the weight of it hurts my neck. I've seen people who have had neck surgery that go back to doing many things they did before and others who have problems, I just hope I'll be on the good side.

Have a great day.


Thank goodness that so far I haven't had to have surgery. I found out I had a herniated nucleus pulposis and we did traction and physical therapy for it. So as long as that continues to work, I won't need surgery. Thanks for helping.