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Artifical Disc Replacement - 2 Levels - For Athletes

Started by fabtrg on 03/24/2011 3:23pm


I'm a very keen athlete and have done 4 Ironman triathlon events in my time. Now I am suffering from a degenative disc C4/C5 and have a boney spur that is aggravating the nerve in my neck.

The condition flaired up 10 years ago and has now returned. I have pain in my neck, shoulder and back, main symptom include a cramping feeling of the shoulder blade (right side). I have had two sets of facet joint injections which this time have not calmed down the condtion.

I have seen two consultants and they both have advised me that the best option is a 2 level artifical disc replacement. However the consultants used different types of artifical discs. I have reviewed many different discs (about 7, that's all there is on show at the moment). A few are designed for single level disc replacement, but I have found 2-3 that are suitable for 2 level disc replacement:

1) Prestige - C
2) M6 - C
3) Prodisc - C


1) Has any athlete had any of the above discs used in a 2 level disc replacement surgery? What was your condition before and after? Have you returned to your sport?

2) Anyone have a viewpoint on using any of the three types of artifical discs mentioned above?

3) Anyone know of a better disc? (note I live in the UK)

The main problem I have found with this subject is that disc replacement trials only began 4-5 years ago and hence they is very little history on this subject and actual general practice is somewhat in its infancy?

Any comments appreciated.


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Hi Guido

I have just had a disc replacement C7/T1 with a new disc called an M6. My injury was a backward somersault from a picnic bench in the park with a head and hand, knees landing on grass. (Middle aged men should not attempt somersaults they could easily do aged 21.

My right arm symptoms are gradually settling, and I am only 5 days post op. But my neck already feels much better. There is a risk that I may start a cult of worshipping neurosurgeons as I am already grateful.

I recommend the M6 - my surgeon said he might need to do two levels, like you, but only one has been required.

Lucky Jim


Hi Everyone,

I thought I would give everyone an update. It's 3 months on since my operation. I chose the Prestige LP disc which is made from a Ceramic Titanium composite, it will last me 300 years they say :-).

Regaining correct pose is the key to settling the muscles down and no more headaches. Physio is important too, releasing the tension around the neck and shoulders. Progress is steady and good. I'll be moving onto light weight training soon to strength up my shoulders and back and core. FULL movement is there again and I'm really positive I'll be pain free for the first time in 10 years.

I've just had my 3rd X-Ray since my operation and the disc are positioned perfectly and have not moved. I don't even notice they are there and scar on my neck is very small, along the neckline crease, virtually no-one notices.

At the moment I can only say I chose the best option and the best artifical disc on the market.

Hope this helps anyone thinking about this type of solution.