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Neck Pain

Started by sintraco on 02/26/2011 2:17am

I was X - tray and the the report says as follows:
Moderately severe osteoarthritic changes of the cervical spine.There is loss of the normal cervical lordosis. There is also loss vertical height of the C3 to C6 vertebrae.

Large anterior osteophytes with bridging noted from the C2 to C7 level. Diffuse skeletal hyperostosis is a likely differential.There is narrowing of the C5/C6 intervertebral disc space.

Please advise me what will be the remedy to cure the above problem.

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Sorry to hear about your neck. Your doctor should be the first person you look to for advice. I'll take a shot at explaining what possible options you have after a few questions:

How old are you?
Any past cervical surgeries?
What type of insurance do you have?

Good Luck....


I'm 55 years old
No previous surgery
AIA insurance


I've received some negative comments about giving advice, so I can only tell you what I would do if it was my neck.

I would try to get a Rx for physical therapy to stretch out your neck to increase the clearances for C3-C6, also try a chiropractor with the same goal of making more room so the arthrytic growths don't interfere with each other.

A doctor should order a MRI because the XRay only shows bone and will not show any possible disc damage or nerve impingement.

These bone spurs may need to be removed by surgery which involves griding them down or trimming them off, a relativley simple, low risk procedure


Phil, I really appreciated for your advise and looking forward to hear from you for any information that you can give as my appointment is on the 11 of march so atleast I'm prepared to meet the specialist.

Once again, I thank you for your advise and please feed more information before my appointment.

May God Bless you and your family always.


God Bless you too my friend...Please follow up with what the doctor says. I had a friend with similar problems of arythritis and bone spurs (osteophytes) and they trimmed them off in minor surgery and he has been pain free for a few years now.


You have Diffuse skeletal hyperostosis (DISK) This means that your spin is fusing. You can summit this information in Google and it will give you better details. I can speak on this as I also have this medical condition. There is no cure. My personal advise is to keep moving. I sure that you have been through PT. You can also go to Aqua-therapy which are light exercises.

Hope this gives you a start in understanding this medical condition. What problems are you experiencing?
There are a lot of medical devices that you can get to help you ease the pain. You should talk with your Doctor who should be able to give you a plan to follow.

Let up know how you make out.


My MRI report says:
Cervical Spine
The cervical vertebrae are well aligned and have preserved vertebral body heights.
The vertebral marrow signal is intact.
The spinal cord signal is intact and the cervical canal is widely patent throughout.
Spondylotic changes are notedin the lower c-spine with disk-osteophyte bars noted at the c4-c5,c5-c6 and c6-c7 levels.These are just slightly impinging the anterior thecal sac.

The lumbar vertebrae are well aligned and have preserved marrow signal and vertebrae heghts.
Dehydration of the intervertebral disks is noted which is most prominent at L1-2 level.
Broad-based dics bulges are noted at L1-L2,L3-L4,L4-L5 AND L5-S1 disk levels.
There are only iimpinging on the interior thecal sac and the spinal canal remains widely patent.
Facet joint arthritic changes with hypertrophy of the legamer to flava are also seen at several levels.

Is it worth it to go for enterior fusion?I was told by the surgeon that 65% of my problems will be solved.