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Herniated disc in neck

Started by chickabee129 on 08/20/2010 9:01am

Hi everyone,
I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my neck about 2 years ago. It was pressing on a nerve and my spinal cord. After months of pain meds and physical therapy I decided to have an epidural. It was the best decision I ever made, I was pain free for almost 2yrs!! About 2 weeks ago I was doing some very strenuous work, carrying and chopping wood...I have a wood burning stove as my main source of heat. I know it was stupid but often times I forget to be careful because I feel so good. At any rate that evening I developed pain in my neck and right shoulder. Over the course of the last week the pain has started radiating down my right arm, SEVERE sharp pains shooting down to my fingers. I am also having jerking like spasms in my right hand. I will be seeing my pain management doctor next week and I was wondering what anyone here has done with conditions similar to mine. I respect my doctor but I have found that people with the same medical problems are extremely helpful. I am in so much pain I would probably agree to have my right arm chopped off!! Any advice or information from anyone who has been in this situation would be extremely apprectiated!

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I am not doubting you were diagnosed with a herniated disk in your neck but has anyone ever x rayed your shoulders?

About twelve yrs ago i was having horrible pain in my neck, so bad at times i would throw up. it was something i would have from time to time since my 20's. It was in my left arm so that i couldn't any longer lift my left arm above shoulder. i would get pain on my left side around the heart and rib cage so bad it would literally feel like a heart attach, i was about 39 yrs old. The pain would be at the base of my neck and scull run to my shoulders feeling sometimes like tension buildup. If you place your finger tips at the shoulder where the arm and scalpia connect (like were the rotator cuff would be) many times you can hit a pressure point. And if you feel just off to both sides of the neck bone on the neck, swelling and pain seems to generate from the rotator cuff area also. In my case the left was much worst than my right and even now years after surgery when i over do it sometimes i can feel it in my head as it runs up the side of my neck.

I went through PT and all sorts until finally a surgeon I had seen discussed surgery for what he was sure was a herniated disk. Before determining surgery of course they have to do an MRI. After having the MRI i met with the Dr. who was absolutely beside himself that there wasn't anything wrong in my neck! Dumbfounded he sent me to an orthopedic surgeon who without question x rayed my shoulders.
i was in for orthoscopic surgery, which was 5 little spots on my shoulders they went in at, on the right shoulder and 2 weeks later to the left. I had immediate relief! what he said and did was the scalpia (i think its called) which is the shoulder bone that extends out to meet the arm at the socket, (and the rotator cuff) he said when the socket and arm swing back n forth and wear n tear the cushion wears down and out which then the arm, when moved, has no cush thus pinches the nerves that run to the neck and arm so he trimmed the scalpia back to allow room for the arm to move without pain.....and he said he cleaned the rotator cuffs that had some arthritis and small tears...
Amazingly over the years i have told my story to people who claim chronic neck and arm pain and i suggest asking to get a shoulder x ray.
Just recently in conversation with a mid 60 aged woman who has been seeing Dr.s and Dr.s for extreme neck pain and as i told her of my pain hers was identical... i suggested to ask for shoulder x rays and see the Dr. i had in town and amazingly she did and just had one shoulder done last week.
We use our shoulders so much and it sounds like caring a heavy load as you did may have aggravated more...

Good luck and i would certainly insist to your Dr. to get a shoulder x rayed.
That surgeon was definite i had a herniated neck disk before a MRI so goes to say Dr. aren't always right.