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Psoriatic Arthritis

Started by meercat on 08/16/2010 11:19am

Does anyone know if this type of Arthritis can cause spinal/disc stenosis?
If not, is it a type of Arthritis that sets in to damage the disc area's i.e Rheumatic or Osteo?

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Psoriatic Arthritis is in the category of inflamatory arthritis known as spondylitis. This family of diseases includes: ankylosing spondylitis, Reiter's syndrome (reactive arthritis), psoriatic arthritis, spondylitis of inflammatory bowel disease, and undifferentiated spondylarthropathy. Patients with these diseases tend toward inflammation of the spine, sacroliac, as well as other joints of the body, and enthesopathy, the inflammation where ligaments and tendons attach to the bone.


Both can. Osteoarthritis is wear and tear. Rheumatologic inflammatory arthritis is autoimmune in nature. Seeing a Rheumatologist can help differentiate. Rheumatic/inflammatory arthritis like Psoriatic/Ankylosing Spondylitis etc. tend to be worse in the morning and get better with movement as the day goes by. It is associated with swelling, redness and sometimes heat. Psoriatic arthritis is associated with the plaque psoriasis rash but you do not necessarily have to have the rash to have psoriatic arthritis.
Many things can contribute to spinal stenosis and disc disease. Heavy work, wear and tear, aging, genetics, weight and lifestyle habits.
Rheumatologic inflammatory can be diagnosed with bloodwork but many people have normal bloodwork but all of the other symptoms. Redness, swelling, weight loss, fatigue and morning stiffness. Hope that helps!