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Posted in: Neck pain, and Surgery.

Disc replacement surgery 2/26/10

Started by mark2727 on 03/05/2010 8:21am


Just had c6/c7 disc replacement surgery 1 week ago. Tolerated surgery well and was out of hospital in a day. Only problem is my pain is the exact same as before surgery....EXACT. Doc says this is not unusual and need to wait at least 6 weeks. From what I've read it seems that successful surgeries are usually successful right away. Any thoughts/experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Mark
sorry to hear your neck is still in pain, however - no guarantees. My op was Oct last year and Im still in pain - same pain, I had the c6/c7 replaced, all went well at least in the surgeons eyes, they are happy if your breathing and the device isnt moving. They cannot tell me why the pain is still there, the numbness in the right arm, weakness and piercing pain in the right shoulder and neck. They told me the nerve was in tact so that should be ok.
Their answer - pain killers for life. No way. I am looking at other avenues now - acupuncture, muscle relaxation and researching nerve damage myself. If I dont Im going to go nuts and the thought of unending pain - well lets not go there its depressing.
So be careful what your expectations are and what the surgeons are - they do differ.
I hope the pain resides by 6 weeks for you.


HI, Mark,

You said your doctor said its not unusual that you'd have the same pain after the surgery. Didn't he tell you that BEFORE the surgery? It might have been helpful when making the decision, I would think.

From what I've researched, disc replacement surgery has a lot of limitations as to who should really be getting it. For example, the AAOS has a number of guidelines like if you've every had back surgery before, or if you have osteopenia or osteoporosis, or if you are getting a multi-level surgery, you shouldn't have the disc arthroplasty. But a lot of doctors don't follow these guidelines (which are research based.)




..well i will keep u posted on my results. on 16th , having c6-c5 fusion at harper hospital .

i really dont know about to expect as to recover time. MAYBE someone can give me better advice , on what to expect per rocevery time. The doctor has not given much at all. sure hope/pray he is better neurosurgeon than pre op care presented.