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Leg Pain/Tingling after Cervical Fusion and Lamenectomy

Started by skongolf on 04/07/2019 7:12pm

On October 17th I had a disc in my neck herniate and start pressing on my spinal chord which caused paraylysis in both legs and my right arm. The doctors did an emergency discectomy on my C4-C5 disk, fused it and also did a lamenectomy from C3-C6 and fused C2-C6. I had mobility after surgury and went home a month later with a walker. Since that time I am starting too walk better(Still have drop foot on my right leg) and I still have numbness and tingling on my left side from mid chest down. What is driving me crazy is that at times my right leg feels like it is on fire or that it is wrapped in a hot wet towel. I can live with the numbness, but the burning gets a little unbearable at times. I am taking Gabapentin 300mg, 1 when I wake up and 2 before bed. I really do not want to take anymore as I was born with only one kidney and know that this medicine can be hard on the kidneys oveer time.
I guess what I am trying to figure out is will this pain subside over time or is it somehting that I will have to live with? Or is there somthing I can do to help it? Just lookig for suggestions and I know my Neuro has told me that it can take 6 months to a year before long term effects will be known. I am thankful to be walking for the most part but still this pain makes me very irritable.
ALSO I am still having some swallowing issues where food gets stuck from time to time. Again just trying to see if anyone else had these issues. TIA for any input

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