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Spinal Cord Compression and Muscle Stiffness & Heaviness

Started by Caro on 01/31/2019 8:02pm

Does anyone have muscle stiffness and heaviness from spinal cord compression. Very stiff in the legs and and back. I have just started Baclofen. It is making me very tired. Hoping it has some affect in relieving stiffness and tiredness goes away.

Anyone have similiar problem? Love to hear.


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I use to have them very badly. Started in June 2017. For painful at night and couldn’t turn in bed. Check out my question I just posted. But I had the pains, tingling and numbness as well. For me, 1 thing led to the next. Was on Baclofen for months with no prevail. But everyone is different. I ended up with pain and intractable hiccups now.

Go get an MRI if you haven’t already.


I have degenerative discs in my neck with stenosis and spinal cord compression in my neck. C5 6. It comes with constant stiffness in my shoulders and neck and alot of weakness and clumsiness in my legs and hands. I had a discectomy in 2013 which gave me great relief for five years but the osteoarthritis and degeneration has progressed and caused the disc to go slightly kyphotic causing the compression. Back to the surgeon. Rest for me is miserable. Wake several times a night to numb and aching arms and hands. Sleep has become a nightmare. Dont get alot. Because I chose to continue to work good drugs are out. I took Gabapentin for 6 months and it worked great but made me mental. Couldnt focus or carry a thought. Cant wait for relief of some sort.