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Pain From Herniated Disc After Surgery

Started by bbb on 10/21/2018 2:35pm

I recently had surgery to repair a herniated disc that was causing excruciating pain in my left leg. Immediately after surgery, I had no pain in that leg. However the pain has begun to creep back again. My surgeon has given me Trammadol and Hydrocodene - neither of which help. I would like to just tell him that Oxycodone or Percocet is about only thing that has worked for me in past. With the current atmosphere of doctors being fearful of prescribing opiates I fear it will not be received well. Even though common sense tells you no one has back surgery to get pain pills. Should I just tell him? I don't want to continue being in pain as he prescribes other meds that most likely won't help. Thanks!

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Hi bbb. I also have had surgery for prolapsed disc and unfortunately the procedure wasn’t as success so ended up having repeat microdisectomy. I am no further forward . I have been taking Gabapentin 900mg 3x daily which does take the edge off things . I also take cocodamel and amytripine in the evening. The medication has not so great side effects but I would not be able to move if I did not take it as I have tried to reduce the amount I’m taking but I end up not being able to move. I had my first nerve root injection today which will take a couple of days to kick in. I’m probably going to need more surgery but need to wait till things to settle. I’m attending physio which has not really been beneficial as yet.. maybe speak to your doctor about Gabapentin as this does work.. hope all settles soon for you ..