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360 spinal fusion on l4 and l5, it’s been 6 weeks and pain so sever can’t sleep

Started by GingerPost on 09/15/2018 10:28pm

My husband can’t sleep & it’s been 6 weeks after the surgery.
I’ve had to run him to the emergency room twice so far.
The pain management doctor says he can’t give him anymore prescriptions for pain and they act like he is a drug addicted.
Neither of us has ever had any kind of drug problem with any prescription or street drugs!
What do we do, God help him.

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Hi, GingerPost--thank you for taking the time to post to our Community. We are so sorry to read about the pain your husband has endured so far during his surgery recovery. We imagine this is taking a major toll on both of you.

You mention going to the ER and speaking with a pain management doctor--have you reached out to his surgeon? Have you had any postop follow-up appointments yet?

You don't have to wait until a scheduled postop visit to share concerns with your husband's surgeon. After spine surgery, patients are told that some pain after surgery is normal. We think a question you may want to pose to your husband's surgeon is, "Is this level of pain truly normal?" It sounds like your husband is in debilitating pain, and your surgeon may want to take a closer look to determine that his recovery (despite the pain) is healthy. You can also use that opportunity to discuss your husband's current prescription medication regimen to see if adjustments--even short-term ones--may be made to help ease his pain.

We are sorry that you both are going through such a challenging start to spine surgery recovery. We hope you get some answers--and relief--very soon. We wish you the best.