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Posted in: Drugs & medications, and Surgery.

Surgery on July 10 & 11 Alif & Plif L3,4,5 and L2 to Plevis Laminectomi

Started by ButteGramps on 07/07/2017 4:12pm

Hi all, Donald here.

Will be having a 2 day surgery on July 10 &11 (ALIF & PLIF) L3,4,&5 and L2 to Plevis Laminectomi .

At 67, facing my second spine surgery last one was 21 years ago. After falling off ladder at work 11 years ago (non ending battle and struggle with Ca Work Comp, AIG) Been medically dependent on morphine for 8 years. I been weaning myself off for 1 1/2 years down from 180 mg a day to 15mg. Question on how body will handle large dosis of Morphine again? My legs are shot, barley can get to bathroom on my own. Dr. has advised me to be prepare for at least a 10 + days in Hospital due to all the issues on my back. Anyone that had a 2 day surgery who can commit on what to expect recovery from day 1 to day 2 and pain level.

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60 years, first back or, had infusion L12345, graf,scoliosis,laminectomy. worst pain ever, didn't even wanted to be around for the first 2 weeks. took 1 month to feel almost normal. now starting 3rd month still in body cast, walking and no blts or ifting above 10 lbs. minor pain--hoping for full recovery.....BESTof luck.