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Extreme pain

Started by Tip on 04/06/2017 11:42am

The first time I went to a back doctor I was a second grader, I have had nerves pinched into, stenosis, DDD , bulging disc, muscles that don't respond the way the doctors believe they should, so at 51 I was finally diagnosed with Scoliosis. Jan 9, 2017 I injured myself. Went to the Emergency room twice, each time I was sent home, like I had just pulled a muscle. My primary care doctor wouldn't see me for 10 days. I lived in pain you can't imagine. My insurance company after 10 weeks of hounding cleared me for MRI. Then wanted to put me out 1 month. I went up North to the University. Diagnosis L3 herniated into spinal cord, L4 herniated into spinal cord, DDD. stenosis, a narrowing of passages. Primary believes I should be getting better, I should be swimming, physical therapy, I can't dress myself, most the time clean myself, I cant buy groceries or cook myself food, I am living in horrible pain, and my nice has left. I feel like I am in a nightmare I don't know what is worse, a primary care doctor who is prideful & uneducated, or a major back issue...like I said I usually hold face, but my emotions are out of control. I wake up dead asleep throwing up, and my blood pressure is all over the charts, I am in pain,..., if I walk I am walking at a 45 degree angle...I have tried to educate this primary doctor, she doesn't get it. The neurosurgery offices won't see me, unless this primary sends a referral... advice ?

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Tip, we are so sorry to hear about all you've been through. We can't imagine the pain you've endured. You deserve a good, trusting relationship with your medical team--especially your primary care physician. If you don't trust your PCP, we think it's time you get a new one. You can do that by calling your insurance company's customer service, and they can help you find a doctor within your network.

Like you said, your PCP is often required to refer you to other specialists, such as neurosurgeons and orthopaedic specialists. What you're going through requires the attention of a qualified spine specialist, so we hope you find a PCP who shows you compassion, takes your pain seriously, and connects to spine professionals who can treat your case with the care and consideration it deserves. Please keep us posted on how you move forward--we wish you the very best of luck.