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C7 pressing on spinal cord with 6mm opening

Started by 167434236280799... on 02/18/2016 11:22pm

My son, 44, is paralyzed from his breast down, has been for 21 years. He has had good use of his arms and hands. In the past 2 months, he started with tingling, numbness and pain in his hands, now all up to his shoulders. It has happened so fast. This past week, he now has lost use of his left arm, unable to support his body or transfer to his wheelchair, so much more. Our biggest concern is what can happen if we don't have the surgery. The fear is that the pressure on C-7 spinal cord can be pressed so much or with a blow to the head, that it will leave him paralyzed from the neck down. We are so worried and scared. We see the surgeon on Monday. We know this is very serious. I have taken care of him all these years but he has lived by himself and has done very well. Prayers are welcomed.

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