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pain in neck shoulder and upper back

Started by riley on 09/17/2014 11:42am

i had a spinal fusion in 2013 of my 5&6. i continue to hurt months after. when i went back several times and told him the pain is still there. he ran another cat scan and said every thing looked good. so my next step was to let another surgeon look at it. so i took my cat scan and went to Memphis. he looked at my scan and said i had a failed fusion.. so i was up for my second surgery going through the back of my neck.. this was a nightmare. i had twenty staples and constant pain.. where it hurt to look up after the second surgery now it hurts to look down as he went over the curve in my neck... This time a plate was used instead of rods and screws.. and the bad part is i didnt know he was going over the curve and he said he used rods ans screws not a big plate... Has anyone gone through all this and what can i expect next? READY TO GIVE UP..

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