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Scoliosis and Polio

Started by Tristan on 09/10/2014 2:04pm

Has anyone developed scoliosis as a result of childhood (paralytic) polio? I had polio at age 5 and was paralyzed from the neck down. I had a normal and active youth but developed back pain in my late 40s and in the following 10 years, my kyphosis went from 17 degrees to over 54 degrees with increasing levels of pain and a need for stronger and stronger drugs just to function close to "normal" at home and at my job. Subsequently, I had my first fusion with instrumentation in 2005 and have recently had a second surgery with more fusion/pedicle screws. I'm so worried that I will have so little range-of- motion that I will never again be independent!! But golfers and athletes have fusion surgeries, don't they? They can still bend and twist, can't they?

I'm now in my 60s, but don't want to be an invalid! Please tell me I can become active again!

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