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Help and question on microdiscectomy recovery.

Started by Greenlight on 01/30/2013 8:57am


I had a left L4/L5 microdiscectomy on 21-Jan-2013. I know I am only a little over a week out. My recovery has been difficult for me. On the day of surgery I felt better and had some symptoms that I had before surgery. Today 30-Jan, I still have issues and am wondering if these are normal. My issues are with my left thigh on the back side of it has pain and is positional, also when you put pressure on it(lay my leg on something or on an edge of a chair while sitting). Sometimes feel like a light charlie horse but can move and it goes away. I have hip pain that feels like it is in the joint, that comes and goes. The other thing is I cannot cross my left leg over my right. I can only do a little but cannot lay my leg horizontal cross my leg where my left ankle is on my right knee. There is much pain in my left hip. Same issue with sitting on the floor with my legs crossed. The only time I can almost do that is when I am heavily medicated with Robaxin, Neurontin, and Lortab.

Is this normal and have any of you had this after surgery? What could be the issue? My doctor advised me that there would be some symptoms after surgery and those would subside during recovery. I am worried that there is more things going on and he will have to do another surgery to fix the issue.

Thanks in advance for the responses and help. If you need more info please ask and I will do my best to supply that.

Thanks again.


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hi mike the probs that I have I set to much and bend to much and the weather seems to have some bearing on my issues. walking is good for you joints and legs if your dr, gave you exercises to do stay with that. also bending is also a way for pain to develope. if the dr lets you get up and move around. you maybe surprised. it takes time to heal. they go into your spine thru muscle and miss tissues that all takes time to go back and work the way its suppose to, my back will never be the same my lower lumbar is all fused together. screws steel rods they did a open back on me I had broke my spine at the age of 19. I have delt with back pain ffor over 40 years now. be patient give it some time moving is very important If you are wearing a brace use it. good luck..