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Still having neck and arm pain

Started by 100000476679343... on 11/10/2012 5:32pm

Had neck surgery last year April and C4-C6 with infusion and platening still have neck and arm pain. My pain level on my good days are at 7 and my bad days 9/10 even with pain meds, muscle relaxed and anti- inflammatory meds. Can someone please help me understand my MRI Report not seeing my neurosurgeon intil the end of the month. In the impression: it said Focal left paracentral disc extrusion at C3/C4 resulting moderate left lateral canal stenosis, abuttting and minimallly distorting the left lateral aspect of the cord. C6/C7 demonstrates mild degenerative disc disease resulting in mild canal stenosis and foriaminal narrowing. Need some feed back on this.

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Sorry your are still in pain! I understand, I had a n acdf of my c4/5and c5/6 two years ago and still suffer from arm pain shoulder pain and rhomboid pain, I also herniations in my thoracic that hurts more than my neck sometimes, I also have herniations above my and below the levels that they already fused, I think that they were already herniated but the herniation below at the 6/7 is worse because my middle fingers on both arm hurt and my left arm hurts now and it didn't hurt before my surgery, my new orthopedic doc says new fusion at that level I don't know, in your case I don't know if I can help I do know that when they do surgery on one or two levels it puts more pressure on the other levels and then they can herniate. Sounds like the forminal narrowing at your c6/7 could be putting pressure on that nerve that goes to your middle finger does that sound right? I know my arm kill me most of the time and nothing touches the pain, I feel like the pain management doc thinks I am drug seeking I am not I just can't get pain relief!


Hi, I'm 3 months post op (C,6-7) and my pain is worse than prior to the fusion. I too have been treated like a drug seeker by pm. The worst part is, I think there's a limit on how much relief pain meds can actually give anyway, and that really scares me. The temptation to have another level fused ( for the possibility of pain relief ) is real, maybe not smart, but tempting nonetheless. I'm not asking for the world, just a magic pill so I can feel "normal," if not forever, at least long enough to be myself and enjoy the little things in life.


I was wondering how you're feeling. I hope you're doing much better.