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Started by Randy W on 10/06/2012 11:21am


My Pain Management clinic just "dismissed" me for going to too many doctors over time for pain meds. All legit. The last two doc's were from the hospital, the one before that was my knee surgeon and my neurosurgeon.. I also tossed my dilaudid and oxycontin that I was presecribed post op when I got home from the hospital after my surgery. BIG MISTAKE. I didn't know that the pain management Dr. had to dispose of them. According to him, the meds werer officially "diverted." (I'm not a drug dealer--I have my own thriving business.) I'm a long term recovering alcoholic/addict and I didn't want them around the house. I take percocet. So I'm still in pain, my surgeon won't help and new pain management clinics won't take me because I was dismissed.

I did just have a post-op epidural, which helped a bit. But until my next shot, I'm sunk. Banging my head against the wall...

Does anyone know of a LEGITIMATE online pharmacy I can use while I get this worked out?


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Mornin Randy, sorry to hear about ur dilema. U have been Red flagged ( thats what its called).Unfortunatly the Docs R being very cautious due to the FDA crackin down on them (as u see on the news).Its Bcause of all the years they were scribing to those who didnt need, N now we have to suffer for there mistake. Everything is tracked via ur drivers Licence. Ive heard of people getting through the internet,but U take a big gamble of either never getting the meds N most important U never know what ur realy getting,its not very safe.Instead of the narcs, can they atleast scribe U muscle relaxers,Celebrex works great but is very expensive,I have found Lorazome to B very helpful and Lidoderm patchs. Feel better, Rene :)