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Started by 48503607@facebook on 09/03/2012 11:46am

I am set to have surgery next week after dealing with herniated disck pain(l5-s1) for over a year. Prior to this I have always been very active, hiking, running, rock climbing, weight lifting ect. Does anyone know the recovery time for me to get back modestly. During these activities I have always been safe, I have not had any accidents that have directly led to the herniation. It was all triggered by mowing my lawn in May of 2011. I also would like to reach out to anyone with similar issues. Most people do not understand or comprehend the pain and the emotional loss of not being able to be active....Seeking support, motivation and advice. Besides the pain the hardest things has no longer being able to do "normal" things.

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Hi Will, you will find this site and group of people very nice and supportive, my name is Rene and I had same surgery as you. I too was very active,and involved in weight training and am an orthopedic nurse for 12yrs. due to surgery I am now applying for SSID, Nursing entails alot of physical. Dont let my case discourage you, everyone is different. Unfortunatly with all the research and people I have met on this site and other sites, most of us were unable to return to work. I too never had any accidents or any signs or symptoms of back issues. I woke up one day complaining of pain down my right leg.After numerous MRIs and ct scans and xrays they finally MRI'd my Lumbar to find L5&6 with hernniated discs and spinal stenosis. My surgery was in March of 2011. After surgeryI felt better but as the months passed I started getting worse. U can read my story its posted under IM BACK, ITS ONE YEAR SINCE MY LAST BLOG. If I can help in any way deciphering your MRIs (medical mumbojumbo lingo) . As of what you said so far, being in good physical shape to start ( as was I ) that always weighs in our favor, the second most important is your Neuro Surgeon and his reputation. THE BEST surgeons ALWAYS work out of the better hospitals, so choose wisely,get second and 3rd opinions and try to find one by asking people who know of anyone who had spinal surgery. Im from LI,NY. Can I ask how old u are n R U married? Im 45 and married 26yrs w 2 daughters ages 25 n 23 both r nurses also...I cant agree w you more as to how much this affects us enotionally, so dont feel like your yhe only one. As of today I had a mentally bad day, its like a rollercoaster ride whether it be a physical or mental good/bad day , you cant excape it. Dont be so quick to not want to see a psychologist,,a psychologist will prescribe you meds to get through those bad emotional days and also prescibe anti-deppresents ( not for deppression ) they contain anti-inflammatory properties that your pain mngmnt doc will prescibe for same reason, so again dont b so quick to dismiss them. Are u on any meds now? before I tell u the pros n cons of the surgery, read my blog.,,,,What kind of work do u do? Your recovery time is hard 4 me to answer, u need to b more specific as to your diagnosis ans exactly what the surgeons plan of action is, eg; are u getting fused,rods or disc spacers, If n when u reply i will do my best to answer what I can.As far as emotional support,IM HERE 4 you as so are many others on this site. I was MIA for a year till I had my second surgery 3 wks ago, I rteurned because yes we need to talk to others who understand when we say PAIN,unless they have had spinal surgery that person cannot truely understand.. Good luck w your surgery, stay strong...oh and one last thing, I cant stress how important it is to increase ur fluid intake by 3x your normal.I choose coconut water,anything high in electrolytes n potassium, ill explain why another time..nice to meet u, RENE :)