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Massive weight gain

Started by dyna890 on 06/26/2012 8:32pm

Hello I am new to spine universe. I have an immediate concern. My injury happened in 2005, however I began
injections in 2007 for chronic pain to neck and spine. I am diagnosed with degeneration to cervical and lower lumbar spine. To get to the concern, I have increased my injections in the past 6 months. they are not really working for pain management as they used to. I have blown up like a huge balloon. I have gained so much weight that it is becoming difficult to move in and out of bed, which was my problem before the injections due to pain. Now I am so fat I can not believe it. An dthe weight gain has been very rapid. I beleive I have had at least 6 injections since September of last year to my neck and back. I have never been this big. I am now seriously considering surgery. maybe to both areas I am not sure. I am terrified. If I stop the injections will I drop the weight?

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