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Cervical Stenosis

Started by sienna0416 on 03/21/2012 9:26pm

I was in an automobile accident September, 2011. Went to physical therapy 32 times. Had injections (five sets over a ten week period) on the left side, including occipital nerve block and was schedule to begin on the right side. Had an MRI done in January, 2012. Neurologist stated I had cervical stenosis. C4 and C5- spinal cord has gone from 16 to an 8 and continues to deteriorate. Pain was somewhat relieved on right side from injections(I think because they include nerve blocks) but left side seems to continue to get worse. The injections only alleviate pain, if they work, for 8 - 12 months. I have severe pain in cervical spine area, over left upper back. on my right side, I have difficulty walking, especially for long periods of time. Pain radiates down my right arm and into my fingertips. The pain has got as bad in left arm and hand. The pain is significantly worse at night time. It wakes me up because pain in my hands is so severe. I have headaches everyday. Sometimes I feel numbness in my face.Dr. said arthirits has set in which doesn't help. I have to pace anything I do - cleaning my house, grocery shopping, working part time. When I over do - i don't know immediately but within hours I'm in severe pain.

My doctor where I live wants to remove two disc (C4-C5 and C6-C7), put phony bone in, fuse them by putting a metal plate to hold them together. Got second opinion, neurologist said i defintely need surgery, but only one disc removed. I'm going to another city for another opinion. Anyone else have this disease with these symptons? Have you had the surgery or have you found an alternative treatment?What was the outcome? Has anyone been to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL for treatment?

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