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DDD, Chronic Pain Disorder, Nueropathy

Started by Hairthehman on 11/25/2011 5:09am

What do you do for this horrible pain?
I take narcotics but for a life I need something
Stronger or more of my Oxycontin. I'm about
Ready to do anything. I have a life for about 4 hrs
Out of every 8. I'm so tempted to take more
But instead I cry untill my next dose. Doesn't anybody
Get it? I've only got one life to live! Please somebody
Help!! Thanks

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As hard as it is try try to do something positive. Have you tried aqua therapy ? I know that can make one more angry but you need to get sleep if you can't sleep cause of the pain, you should talk with a pain doctor to get your doze adjusted so that you can lower your pain to go for aqua therapy. You should not depend on meds for the complete answer. Try to do other things with the meds to see if you can lower your pain level. Try moving around if you can't get in the water.

I know what I am telling you IS NOT EASY. Your in the same age group that I am. I have many serious medical problems. If I was you, I would make an appointment with my doctor and tell them the problems with the pain. They may increase or give you something else. Tell them that you want to go to therapy (aqua) so that they can see that you are looking at additional means not medications.

DON'T GIVE UP and feel sorry for your self. Pain changes. You have to inform your doctor what is happening so he can make any adjustments.

Please tell what happens- hope that your pain stays lower tomorrow than it is now!!


Thanks for the advice. But my pain is so bad that if I bend over to shave or make my bed, I'm shot for the day! I've tried exercises to help strengthen my core, and then take my break-through pain, no help!
I feel as though my life has been taken away. With results like that, and I've done these for three weeks
I'm giving up. I did go to the Dr. Today and he's ok with my Oxycontin, but its the break through pain that he's afraid of. He prescribes me 7 - 5mg oxycodone for that. But today he said he wants to cut me
Back on those! That's what I need! The Oxycontin helps for about 5 hrs and now I have 3 hrs to go!
I try to get to my bed to lay down. But sometimes I get a tear in my eye knowing that I have 3 hrs to go before my next dose. And then my nueropathy gets more intense too! He sounds more like he's worried about his license more than my pain. He told me today that he's open to suggestions. But what? Another med altogether or a mix? I want to exercise and I love playing baseball and golf. I've heard Oxymorphone works well. Any suggestions? Is their a Dr. That would listen to me and maybe help. My dreams are being shattered? Thanks for you reply last time!


Hello I am sorry to hear that you are still in pain. I am not one to recommend medications as I don't know your personally. Nor do I know your problem in details. You convince me that you use to be active. My suggestion is tell your doc to give you a script for PT BUT NOT LAND. You want to start with AQUA Therapy. My guess is that its going to take 6-9 weeks before you even begin to feel anything at all. This is assuming that you are going at lease 3 times a week. You are responsible for your self. Take control of your pain. Come up with a PLAN. Tell your self that you are willing to work with the PT place and go with there suggestions. I would insist on AQUA therapy. Make sure the Dr. puts it on the script. When you get better and stronger you can consider LAND. Do one thing at a time. Something tells me that your body is out of shape. Also, you might want to consider a TEN Unit. Instead of taking all the meds.

Believe me, I know what you are going through. Other options you might want to consider a PAIN SUPPORT GROUP.

You might want to consider taking some Depression meds. As all persons that are in chronic pain are usually in a depressed state. Understanding that Pain feeds PAIN. You have to break the cycle as what you are doing now is not lowering your pain level.

I hope that I did not come off to strong. I been in pain for over 10 years. I have lowered my pain by following the suggestions given.