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Chronic Pain - Spinal Cord Stimulator

Started by 1247212953@facebook on 11/13/2011 1:15am

I am a 44 year old Union Ironworker, In 2004 I suffered vertical deceleration injuries from a 45 fall from elevation on to concrete resulting in leg, pelvis, rib, sternum, and other fractures. The major injury was a burst fracture of the L1-L2, which fused itself but things went down hill, I started having problems which led to a fusion of the area and insertion of rods, I got an infection which required an additional two surgeries, last year the disks below the fusion began to fail and I had another surgery fusion of the L5-S1, they removed the rods above. The surgery was a success, I regained feeling in my right leg but severe pain at the the first fracture radiating to where the major rib fractures were and some lower back pain wrapping around my upper hip. I have just start seeing a pain management doctor, he suggested either a pain pump or nerve stimulator but said it would be tough to feed the electrodes in my scar tissue. I saw my Neurosurgeon, the head of the medical school and hospital in Milwaukee and he said nonsense that they can remove a piece of bone above and place a paddle electrode directly on the spine. I would like more information on what the paddle electrode is called and how it works vs uses of various leads. Dr. Maiman said it can be placed above the scar tissue, they just remove a chunk of bone.

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