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near 3 months post op throught tightness at incision sight

Started by 100001817095693... on 07/25/2011 1:20pm

I had my fusion discometry of c6-c7 cervical spine late April of 2011 its been about 4 months and at first i thought maybe it was normal but if i lean down to tie me shoe or look down at the key board etc. it feels like my throat closes and i cant get a full breath until i stand straight at first it went away after a couple minutes of being upright but in the last few days it feels tight even after i stand upright the pressure i feel is just left of the incision where that divot in our neck is above the collar bone has any one ever had that? i know i should probably go to a hospital but in the last 6+ years i have been in the er nearly 200 times most of the visits overnight on morphine"yuck" and i have developed a small fear of the place and the needles so i am hoping someone can tell me if its just a normal part of the healing process or if its a concern ty ty and i hope you all feel much better soon i can say that i stuck with therapy and followed my orders to a t and wow is the only thing i can say about the difference i feel now just this little throat thing bothering me now

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