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Brutrans patch

Started by Phil on 07/01/2011 7:17pm

It seems I've reach my limit for annual lumbar injections and need to think about the next steps dealing with my issues. Had I known, I would have spread them out further and deal with a little more pain for a short period rather than a lot for a long period. The PA said the FDA is pressuring doctors about oxycodone scripts and she recommends possibly switching to a butrans patch. As I never taking anything without researching, I asked if I can check this out and have the concerns below:

Delivery can vary depending on exposure to activity, sun, heating pad, etc...this is concerning because there is a few days worth of meds in the patch and what if the slow release gets affected.

Butrans seems even more powerful which is something I want to avoid.

Possible interaction with heart rhythm medication. I take 100mg Toprol for SVT and irregular heartbeat since age 12.

The internet says although FDA approved, Butrans is rarely covered by insurance companies. Monthly cost varies between $70 and $200

Has anyone been switched to this kind of patch and what were the effects?
Can anyone provide comment on what's mentioned above?

Thanks and wish you well,

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I currently use the Fentanyl patch which is also a slow release patch. This is usually worn for 3 days at a time but I use mine for 2 days only for better pain control per MD order. You are right about the factors that can change the absorption rate of the medication. It would be the same if you used an over the counter patch for back pain. Anything absorbed through the skin can be affected in this manner. It is not as scary as it sounds. Using common sense will protect you from some of these concerns. I am a nurse but you would have to speak with your primary doctor regarding your heart history and the medication's side effects to make sure it is right for you.
The nice thing about a pain patch is that you receive a constant level of pain medication. This has been very beneficial for me. The Fentanyl is covered by my insurance.