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Gait Issues

Started by 100000932713611... on 07/01/2011 2:38pm

Hi, I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and have been to many doctors. I reciently found out I have DDD. It has been for a long time just not diagnosed. I want to know with DDD can you have gait issues? my doctors seem to think it has nothing to do with my EDS and DDD they think it's another rare disease but are unable to figure it out. If the message from your spine is unable to get to the brain, then wouldn't that cause gait issues? thanks for your time, Melissa

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I periodically have gait issues and I have DDD. The scariest one, I could not walk for 30 minutes at all, but I could stand on it. Of course by the time the dr called back it was working well again. It took an entire week to get my full gait back. They think mine is due to all the scar tissue. I don't want to go get that removed unless this gets to be a full time problem. My physical therapist and I go over all this stuff regularly.


I have DDD also, and it is probably the leading cause for the herniated discs that I have. I have problems with discs L3 through S1. Aside from the usual symptoms of pain from the low back through the buttocks and down the leg [sciatica], I also have numbing and tingling in the legs and feet. The nerve damage causes an on again, off again sensation in my feet which throws off my walking. I feel the ground under my feet, then I dont. It effects my gait [on occasions] to the point it makes me stagger like a person who has had too much to drink. If I ever have to do a "Toe to Toe" walk or "walk a straight line", I will probably be charged for DWI.

The DDD itself, may not be the cause of your gait problems, but it can be one of the causes to throw off your walking. Has the DDD evolved to the point of nerve impingement?