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chest pain from cervical spinal stenosis

Started by juancarlos on 11/21/2010 10:51am

Am 69 yr retired male (5'9",192") on levoxyl with cervical spinal stenosis. Cervical spinal discectomy with fusion done 2001; plate extends from C5-C7; two discs that had been "ground down to nothing" replaced with donor bone; surgeon says there is permanent cord/signal scar at C6-7. Have stinging/burning pain in chest area (lesser ache in lower shoulder muscles of back) that has gotten very gradually worse. The chest pain is what is "killing me"---have tried drugs like neurontin and virtually all the rest but nothing works, even anti-inflammatories like aleve. I am very active person without overdoing it---hike in mountains, jog, bicycle, swimming, walking, etc; when endorphins kick in pain is less; also nothing when sleeping; less when sedentary. Am nonsmoker with pretty healthy diet and get "good grades" on lab tests; no high blood pressure or heart problems; have some reflux under control. Used to think that chest pain only associated with spinal stenosis lower down, but don't seem to have significant problem in middle-lower back. Have been to various neurologists and have periodic MRI's; acupunture and chiropractic don't work. ANY SUGGESTIONS ABOUT HANDLING THE CHEST PAIN?

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Cervical fusion C4-C7 in 2004. Now have bone spurs growing within my hardware, disc deterioration at C3, and T1-T3. Having issues more with pain under the shoulder blade which affects my breathing. When this pain is intense, I do have some tightness in my chest also. I do have depression and anxiety and have noticed when I take my anxiety medication the breathing and tightness improve.
Not sure if this will help. I am a registered nurse but am uncomfortable diagnosing or advising on your case. Chest pain is scary, no matter what.


I had to go to emergency because I thought I was having a heart attack. They gave me injections Dilaudid and Zofran and a prescription for Percocet. I am not a big fan on ANY medications. But this helped. I take the Percocet only when I am in massive pain. I was told that steroid injections and traction would help. However over the last couple years my neck seems to have straightened (mri 2011) and possibly explains why my vertebrate are constantly shifting. I saw a chiropractor for couple of years, 3 times a week with massages, elect stim but never seemed to get my vertebrate to stay put. Not sure if you have a similar problem, one osteopathic doctor told me that my back curves (scoliosis) when the neck gets out of alignment, everything goes including my legs which when a chiropractor aligns my back, he pulls my legs and my left is ALWAYS shorter before he pulls.