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T10 - L2 fusion with screws and rods

Started by Mzdv123 on 04/29/2016 3:16pm

Hi, long story short, I fell and fractured T12. I have severe osteoporosis. The fracture didn't heal, even after bracing to I had a kyphoplasty. This failed and after months my kyphosis set in. After 15 months since original fracture, I had fusion from T10 to L2 with screws, rods and donor none grafts. This procedure was 20 days ago. Just wondering if anyone else has had similar and what recovery time was. I think I'm doing ok so far but I'm not to start physiotherapy for another 4 weeks. Any help would be appreciated, thanks

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Hi! It's been several months since you posted your situation and I'm writing to ask, what happened afterwards? How are you feeling? In Dec. 2004 I had scoliosis reduction surgery, fused from T10- L5. After the first 3 months I began walking a mile a day around a local track. By the end of that first year I felt really good! From January 2006, though, I started having some mild pain issues.. never as bad as it was prior to surgery and completely different pain type- more burning and stabbing than anything. Later the dull, boring ache settled in. It's now 2016 and I have one vertebra that is out of place, hanging down over the one below it (I have spondylolisthesis) and don't know exactly what level (either L3-4 or L4-5.) I've been seeing the same Pain Management doctor for 10 years now... I also have developed Kyphosis in my thoracic spine from bending over as I haven't walked upright in several years. I do not regret having the scoliosis reduction, because it was getting worse in my forties instead of better. What I do regret is staying with the same extremely conservative Pain Mgmt. doctor for 10 years, and they just told me yesterday that we will be staying with the same medicine regimen he's had me on for the last 6 years. My activity level has diminished over the last few years- if I don't have a wheelchair I can't enjoy an art festival, nor walk through Sam's Club. I HOPE your life has gotten significantly better since your post and that your pain level is minimal! Please update when you can! Angie