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Posted in: Kyphosis, and Spinal fractures.

Broken rods, now have bruise lump in back after p. therapy

Started by 102051491271073... on 10/05/2015 8:35pm

In 1978 I was in a high speed head on collision, broke both femurs, open fractures of ankle, and of my hand. This was at the age of 15. I was taken to a larger city and was put in traction to allow natural femur healing vs. surgery. BAD IDEA! Many years later have had left leg longer, left knee replaced twice.Both ankles are fused, both shoulders are blew .... OCT. 31, 2013 I had all of my lumbar & about half of my thorax fused with rods at Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak Mich. I did well until Feb. 2014 my spouse had crushed 2 discs at work and was in so much pain. My surgeon did emergency surgery on him in May 2014 and he is okay, not normal.. While he was healing as the primary bread winner, I did things I knew I was supposed to but check ups went okay until August 2014. My surgeon said I was leaning forward and may have to fuse a few more and I said NO.... By my next check up, 2 appointments had to be cancelled bad snow and I had a severe migraine, so I saw him April 2015. He gave me the news that blew my mind, as did my x rays, I had broken my rods in 4 places and had pulled the screws out from the upper back. He asked me if I could live like that and I said no..Surgery was to be November 3. I just cancelled it as I have been working hard in the pool especially at physical therapy. The risks are scary and I have so many other problems that fixing this is just not what I wanted to do. I manage...Pain manage has been great.....TODAY, my spouse saw a large lump as I was coming in the door from therapy. He freaked out!!! It looks like where my rods is broken it bent too far and made a lump and a bad bruise. I went to my bed on hands and knees did a flex and stretch and felt it pop BACK! I was in more pain and had some burning. He applied my bruise cream and I iced it.. ANYONE living with these broken rods EVER had this happen? I looked in my large bathroom mirror and got scared..I did compose a letter to my surgeon, THANK GOD for e charts...ANY ONE with broken rods experience this ??? We are a rare bunch..I know after research I will not do the revision..Too many people have broken rods out there..If I had to I'd have the rods removed, I DO NOT WANT TO..In all this time my physical therapist asked me about other old bruises near broken rods...I KNOW how I did this..an exercise I made up in the pool...NEVER do anything Physical Therapy does not approve..THANK YOU...Bless You all...

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