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Posted in: Kyphosis.

Kyphosis bracing,

Started by nicol on 02/10/2011 4:48am

My son has a Kyphosis of 70 degrees.One doctor suggested a Boston brace and one other recommented a TLSO brace.I also read about the spinecor brace which is not so rigid as the previous two.
Did anyone had expirience with any of these three types of brace and what were the results in addressing the kyphosis?Is there anything else we can do to prevent his kyphosis of getting worse?
Thanks a lot for your help

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Having used both of these I found that the TLSO bracing was much better and a lot more comfortable.
The TLSO brace was molded by plaster and then made into the TLSO plastic brace,
My friend had a great result with this brace but her kyphosis was a lot less than your son's at 55 degrees and she had three braces made to fit as her curve correction progressed,
They worked for her with the correction but mine was made for post op use and the TLSO was more confortable and much more user friendly,
Hope this helps.