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Scheuermann's disease

Started by BellaSun1021 on 04/30/2010 5:20am

My son who is now 27, has been dx with Scheuermann's disease, and is seeking pain relief - this is difficult due to the fact that he is without insurance. We are at our wits end, as parents we are watching our son, who is trying to go to school, and maintain his part-time job, while dealing with this painful disease and traditional pain control is not really what is called for, he wants to be alert and aware of his surroundings, not "drug-ed up" and unable to function.
There has to be someone out there with a solution to this dilemma??

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I was diagnosed with Scheuermann's disease at the age of 49. The damage to my spine had already happened so I had to have surgery. That was 10 years ago. I have had two more surgeries since and now have 15 fused vertibraes. T1 to L4. The good news for you is that your son was diagnosed early and there are things that can help him now so he doesn't end up like me.
Work as hard as you can to get him pain management. I understand why he wants to not be "drug-ed up" but the chronic pain will take control of his life.
Pain Management and physical therapy with someone who understands Sheuermann's disease.

Good Luck.


My son is 19 and has been suffering from scheuermanns disease for 2 years. The pain management doctor had put him on numerous meds to control pain, including anti seizure meds and anti depressant meds. After 4 months with no pain relief and feeling like he was over drugged we decided to try epidural. The first time he had an epidural it was a miracle. The pain was gone for 11 months. Since then he has had two more and only minimal relief for 2 to 3 weeks. The other issue is that when the first epidural started working, he decided to ween off meds. He had two good weeks and developed ulcerative colitis. Doctors say no connection, but had never had problems with stomach before. On remicaid now for colitis but struggles more with severe back pain.

If someone can help we are both at our wits end.