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Limited use of arms

Started by Murphiescousin on 03/21/2018 10:50am

I have come here a few times intending to post my query, but have ended up trying to encourage other people, seeing them struggle and knowing exactly what they are going through by their by their posts and wanting to see them succeed.So here is the query because I haven't found an answer by digging around.
I'm mid 50's, had an accident when I was in my late teens and had an operation when I was in my later 30's to fuse L5/S1. Magic I lived mainly like a normal person for 10 years, but took on a job after some years which meant lifting and flexing.This caused L4/L5 to degrade and collapse quite quickly, meaning an add on operation. I wasn't supported while recovering from this because I lost my job and the Government insurance for workers screwed up. I tried turning a hobby into a job but had another accident and destroyed T12 and the joints around it.
I feel like I am Murphies Cousin but I do have a measure of luck. I have heavy bones and grow strong fusions, no arthritis etc, and I had unexpectedly, cover from a private insurance to fix it. I had no support from the government ACC so struggled with the resulting limitations. I have 2 sections of my back fused, T11/T12/L1, then L4/L5/S1. The lower part of S1 is broken off and stuffed up in my butt, along with some damage to my pelvis.
Started the last 3 paragraphs off with "I" because I can't tell a story for crap Sorry. But I have a problem, I can't move my arms without paying horribly. I have other problems but this is the one that has me stumped. The joint under the top repair has gone backwards really fast while I tried to work. I had set myself up super carefully, no lifting more than 10Kgs, etc but to no avail and my family ended up having to force me to stop. There is one other thing which was a deal breaker, driving my left leg.
Is there some others out there who have found answers to this or had experience of these problems and solved them? My pain levels have on an average dropped off a lot since I stopped trying to work thankfully.

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Hi, Murphiescousin--thanks for taking the time to post. We're not medical professionals, but we know some types of spinal disorders can cause problems in your arms. Cervical spinal stenosis is one that comes to mind ( Spinal Stenosis: Lumbar and Cervical ). Do you experience any radiating pain in your neck, shoulders, arms, and/or hands? Or are you finding that the primary issue is that your strength in your arms has diminished?

Our best advice is to talk to a spine specialist (perhaps a neurosurgeon) about your arm problems. Even if you're not experiencing radiating nerve pain, the weakness you describe may be related to a nerve problem.

Keep us posted on what you find out and how you're doing. We wish you the very best!