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Will be having surgery no choice

Started by 751519834994361... on 08/21/2015 5:40am

Hi everybody, I was reading up on some posts regarding those who've had surgery to correct drop foot. I have been living with this issues for almost two years. I found out a lil over a month ago I should have had surgery a year ago. I am terrified to have this surgery there isn't any info on this surgery I need to correct the spondolylothesis L5s1 I've struggled with for over 27 years. I also have severe stenosis, my sciatica is pinched my peroneal nerve is pinched and I'm living in constant pain and live in the state of Washington now. I'm on a waiting list to go on pain management because that's how it's done here on Obama's care. I moved here almost two years ago, fell on black ice and was injured very badly fracturing my coccyx, no pain meds either. I'm bitter. There has been days I was in so much pain I felt like ending my life. To top matters off I have partial spina bifida. So I've really never known what it's like to NOT be in pain, affecting EVERY aspect of my life. There isn't any one who knows how it's going to turn out with this bracket rods and screws for a surgical patient like myself and the surgeon I recently saw couldn't believe how great my mobility is. But he did say he thought he'd see me dragging my leg in. I received an injection in my spine lil over a month ago and it was the first one ever to give me relief, it lasted 3 glorious weeks now I have to wait an additional two weeks to get another. Anyway does anyone know anything about this surgery for persons with spina bifida? I just can't see me having much quality of life with all that hardware on an area of my spine that has caused me a lifetime of non stop pain. I also have to drop thirty pounds asap to get this surgery, that I'm told may or may not work since the medal community didn't do their due diligence in my case. It took six months after falling to get a MRI. One other question, I have state insurance, can I elect to get the same quality care private insurance patients receive in this surgical situation?Please help.

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I feel for you because I live it too. I have been fused from S1 to T10, I was hurt on the job and took over a year before MRI. I had so much damage I needed surgery right away. Since then 15 years and 14 surgeries. The last surgery 10+ hours left me with a dropped R foot and 2 years later in a wheelchair to get around. I was hurt at 37 years old and lost everything, my Home , a business and a great paying County job as an Electrician. I had 2 young boys no means of income, constant pain and no future. I wished I died many times, from days of no sleep and pain.
I always had the faith that tomorrow will be better, but sometimes it was to much. I don't know the laws up in Washington but I am sure there are social workers to help you. There is quite a few government agencies, County, State and Federal to help disabled people. I would start there to find the help you need. The waiting period from the time we know something is wrong till it is fixed is long, sometimes a year.The main thing is to ask for help, there are programs there. Check Drs in you area that have good outcomes with surgery and try to see them. Check Dr ratings websites about complaints,and malpractice suits.Ask around with people with same injuries about their Drs and results. Good Luck you are not alone , ask for help! John