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Started by Veronika on 06/06/2014 2:41pm

Has anyone had an X-Stop surgery and if so, how did it go?? Any problems I should be aware of??? I am a senior citizen and am planning to have it done but I can't find not one surgeon in Utah that will do it or when I mention the words X-Stop the receptionist or nurses don't even know what I'm talking about!! I learn of the X-Stop from the Dr. Oz show many yrs ago. I am in horrible pain which has gotten bad this month; I had pain always continually but I put up with it but now this month I want to scream from the pain.PLEASE, DOES ANY ONE KNOW OF THE PRO'S AND "CONS" about this surgery??? I had insurance both United Health and Eatna, but they both refused to agree to pain for it because it was considered 'experimental' and this was about 4 to 5 yrs ago. I had a surgeon tell me that Medicare would pay for it; and I would have done it but I was not 65 or older and I could not afford to pay for it out of pocket. Now I do have Medicare but I am no longer in Illinois and I lost my job.
Can Someone Help Me With My Questions?? I am planning to take a supplemt insurance thru AMAC in the hopes that it will pick up the 20% that Medicare can't pick up!! I am in desperate need of this surgery or if someone knows of a better surgery, then please contact me, Please. I am in horrible pain.

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