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Posted in: Herniated disc, Sciatica, and Surgery.

L5/S1 Bulged Disc (again) after a Microdisectomy

Started by Stevensc11 on 09/01/2021 6:13pm

Cannot believe at 26 years old, 6 years later after having a microdisectomy and nerve decompression I am in the same position again :)

Curious to know if anyone else has had a second microdisectomy on the same area (mine being L5/S1). Was it successful? It is concerning of a lady my age to undergo two back operations within a short period (I know it’s possible but I’m 26) & do not want to keep having surgery’s throughout my life etc. I have read about a spinal fusions?
I essentially have another bulged disc in the same location,.

Has anyone also else experienced extensive muscle spasms since the surgery? I’ve had this on and off, but put it down to just healing (usually caused by gym by lifting heavier than I should - oops) but usually gets better after a few days and a good old diazepam (valium) but this time round holy moly, it pulls my body to the side and the sciatica is different this time. Was in the left leg but now is in the right knee?

I lead a healthy lifestyle and I am mega annoyed!!!!

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