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Dark Spot on Cervical Vertebrae (MRI/CT Scan)

Started by tdDarkKnight on 05/20/2021 2:59pm

After 10+ years of pain/numbing/tingling/weakness in my right arm, I am finally exploring surgical options. I have received x-rays, an MRI, and a CT scan on my cervical vertebrae. In both the MRI and CT scan, there is a very dark hole in a spot that I believe should be occupied by bone. It is not huge but it also not small by any means. The spot is also on one of the vertebrae that is adjacent to the disc (out of the 2 that might be replaced) that is the most damaged. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? I have my follow-up scheduled in a couple of weeks, but I would love to know what everyone thinks. I have read that a black spot is usually air when seen on a CT/MRI scan, but could I really have a decent size hole in my vertebrae?

FYI - I am a 32 yr old male (just in case that is relevant)

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