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Posted in: Herniated disc, and Surgery.

Sciatica ... Again

Started by Shadley on 12/03/2019 3:49pm

Back in 2006 I suffered a right sided disc herniation at S1/L5 ...
I followed the usual process with no results ... physio, hot press, cold press, wait and see, phone a friend and of course drugs drugs drugs (prescribed ones) .... It only go worse until I was moving from bed to sofa only in agony (you lot know, I can't explain it to friends). I was only 23 and surgery was this last thing I wanted but I was at university failing and missing out on life so after 6 months I went for it .... success all pain gone in the leg and a 4 week recovery which after the first two days was a breeze compared to the previous 6 months. It had occured to me that I was young to have this and it would impact me in later life. Fast forward 13 years and the level above L4/L5 has a large central herniation/bulge (can't tell) pressing on both L5 nerves, arrrggh both sides left is excruciating right not as bad. Surgeon says this is because it's working harder due to the first surgery below. So what do I do now I have been offered a steroid injection which I wasn't last time (maybe it's new) I read they have limited results, failing that a surgery to "clean up" as it's been described as stenosis but it's mainly due to the disc bulge. So what do I do I am worried that another surgery would lead to instability and problems down the line and of course may not work but in all my experience so far this type of thing never seems to get better for me. Decisions Decisions

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How old are you? Where are you located?

I went through all sorts of hell this year including three surgeries; but I discovered someone who has fixed everything with me simply by fixing bad habits in my daily life. I highly recommend seeking alternative treatment for sciatic pain before surgery. Happy to talk to you if you like.