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Severe neck and cervical spine issues

Started by Tamlamb on 07/17/2019 1:54pm

I’m just Seeking a little guidance. I have had a recent cervical neck MRI scan and it states intervertebral disc at C6 C7 and demonstrates posterior annular fissures and a broad-based bulge impinging the CSF space.
I have severe pain and discomfort and I wear neck collar out of my own choice. I have severe pain I think I need surgery and I just wanted to ask Anyone has any guidance. I have C6/C7 and T11/T12 Herniated discs, osteoporosis, stenosis and radiculopathy. I just wish my doctors would move this along to a cervical epidural and if this Helps the pain i am candudste for surgery.

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My advise would be to seek out a doctor who utilizes non-surgical spinal decompression of the cervical spine. It is a series of treatments that can draw your disc back to where it is supposed to be and away from the pain sensitive nerve, actually giving the disc an opportunity to heal. I have been using this treatment for cervical disc conditions for many years now in my office and have found that the majority of my patients respond very well. Let me know what city/state you reside in and I might be able to direct you to a doctor that is nationally certified in this technique and would be willing to give you a consultation to see if this form of treatment is right for you.