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Posted in: Herniated disc, and Sciatica.

Help with MRI

Started by Wendy2019 on 03/15/2019 8:45pm

I had sciatica flare up in Jan in Right leg. On diclfenac for 6 weeks pain slowly getting better but gets worsen after prolonged driving. What do my MRI results mean how long will pain last?
Mild circumferential bulging the annulus at L/L5. There is a small
posterior annular fissure at this level. There is no significant
central spinal or neural foraminal stenosis.


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I am not the voice of clinical knowledge, sorry, I just have the knowledge of long experience of trying to turn those clipped technical terms into normal sense. I found an experienced doctor reading an mri can very accurately measure the damage to your spine, just get more than one tho read it without seeing the other report to confirm them. One maybe far more informative in layman's terms what is wrong. I note you didn't put your age , how long you have had symptoms, and a description of how long each episode lasts, etc.
Traveling is one of the first things to show you have a problem which needs watching and maybe attention in your back., trust me it will only get worse. The best thing is to research the risks which you have started to do with the mri and then see if you can move forward into normality, sorry couldn't think of the right word. The very best out come is you will find a set of exercises maybe and or finding something you are doing in your everyday life which is detrimental to your back that you can stop. Research everything, one other point, the real experts don't advertise they are experts, they don't need to their work speaks for it self.