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urinary issues with large disc herniation

Started by mzzyhmd on 02/13/2019 10:36pm

Need someone's help regarding my issues that are concerning me. I have a large disc herniation at L4-5, S1 level. It's causing spinal stenosis moderate to severe. I believe it's compressing on my nerves for bowel and bladder but I can't make anyone else believe because I don't have other serious symptoms like significant leg weakness or saddle region going totally numb. But I do have urinary symptoms like leakage, incontinence, way too frequent bathroom visits, and even bowel symptoms I believe because I don't feel urge empty bowel I am on laxatives to feel sensation. I am super scared. No one is taking seriously because I am able to walk with zero no pain. PT said my flexibility is looking excellent. Should I be worried? Anyone else ever experienced anything related to cauda equina without bad pain. I also wanted to add that I do get some weird sensation around the groin area. It's not constant it comes and goes but I feel pins and needles and prickling sensation. I really wanna consider the surgery before it gets bad that I no longer have any sensation in the saddle region. Please help!!! I have urology appointment tomorrow -- are they able to determine the cause of my issue? It's affecting my sleep quality for the past two nights.

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