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Posted in: Herniated disc.

Pins and needles causing concern

Started by BarbaraB on 01/25/2019 7:56am

Hi everyone. I had two major surgeries for bowel,last year. Diverticulitis problems. All sorted now. Had terrible back pain after. Gone now. What I've been having increasingly are pins and needles in arms and legs, mostly right sided. But have had in both legs sometimes. Ct scan of back showed degeneration , but nothing serious, ( I'm 63 so maybe age related? Had Physio and really helped. But the pins and needles continued. Also sometimes a have terrible aches in front of thighs, only while seated. . Doc sent me for MRI of neck which showed bulging disc on right. I also have very sore right arm but no neck pain, just stiff sometimes. He said this is causing my symptoms. I have not told him about the leg pains ( front) . I am going to have Physio, and if that's no good see a specialist. My question is, could this be causing all of these symptoms? I'm very worried. I'm a very fit 63 year old , always looked after my health , active, except forced inactivity because of my surgeries last year, for a long period of time, which could have made this worse. Can a neck problem cause pins and needles in legs as well as arms, pains in front of legs etc? And no real pain in neck? I am very confused., and worried this could be something else. I have health anxiety. Can anyone advise? Thank you.

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Hi, BarbaraB - I’ve had problems with degenerative disc disease in both my cervical (neck) and lumbar (low back) spine. Nerve pain in neck, arms and upper back are referred pain from the cervical spine. Low back, legs and feet nerves are related to the lumbar spine. Yes, you can have symptoms in your arms without neck pain. Best imaging for DDD is MRI.

My advice is to see a physiatrist (a physical medicine and rehab specialist) who can suggest next steps to diagnose. They can do nerve tests, epidural injections, suggest appropriate excercise, etc.

Or a neurosurgeon (not necessarily for surgery), but as a nerve specialist who can order the appropriate imaging and suggest options.

I’m glad physical therapy helped your neck, it is certainly possible that it would also help with your lower back. Other alternative treatments you might wish to try are ice (20 min on, 20 min off), acupuncture or water therapy (low impact). Surgery is not a quick fix and should definitely be a last resort!

Keep us up to date! Best wishes!


Thanks Bonniie Rae, I don't actually have much pain. Just my arm on the side the neck disc is damaged. I was worried about the pins and needles and aching front of legs .i have pins and needles all over , but my lower back pain in fine now. Haven't had Physio,on neck yet, just on lower back. Could I have the leg pain, pins and needles in legs from the neck? I like to ask experts, which to me have had these problems , like yourself. Thanks again for your reply. Much appreciated.


Hi. Sorry for delay in. Keeping up to date . Still got the pins needles etc. Physio said that she didn't think that would cause my leg symptoms, pins, needles etc and all over tingling . but my doctor does, I saw him this morning. Who do we believe? The doc or the Physio. He is sending me for tests for other things that he does not really think is causing it, but ruling them out. What do you all think?